Peluso Orthodontics

Peluso Orthodontics first opened their Attleboro practice in 1984 and has since expanded to include two more locations in North Attleboro and North Easton. The practice focuses on providing personalized care in a warm, caring, friendly atmosphere treating patient like family. Peluso was looking to renew their website to not only update the look but also expand on the information available on the site.

FJ Concepts worked with Peluso to redesign their site to reflect a homey, warm and inviting feel while providing information that the either a potential new patient or a returning patient would be able to find easily. The site utilizes earth tone to reflect the image the practice wants to convey. The location of the three offices with the contact number and operation hours are now clearly displayed so that people will be able to get the office location information closest to them.

Expansion on areas such as Frequently Asked Questions, Before and After photos and Testimonials help to provide potential new patients with answers and what the practice have to offer. Information in these areas help distinguish Peluso's unique approach and care from its competitors.

With the site renewal, we also build a separate mobile site featuring the information in an optimized and user-friendly layout to allow easy navigation on the phone. The mobile site provides the option where a visitor can click on the phone number to call each of the office directly or the map to get the directions.

Since launch, in addition to the maintenance of the site, we have worked with Peluso on search engine optimization for their website to improve their position in the search results. The site has since achieved #1 position in all the targeted keywords on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We strive to continue with maintaining the #1 position to achieve maximum exposure for both the website and mobile site.

Launch Date: September, 2012